Risk Management

Parameter- Silo Tour 01-29-05 038Risk Management is a process for examining risks and then implementing steps to minimize potential losses, from both a frequency and a severity perspective. Practicing risk management begins with utilizing a contract that outlines the project scope, your services and your payment terms. Risk Management can be a Hold Harmless clause in your contract. Risk Management can be a Limitation of Liability clause.

Good risk management encompasses all of the above issues and more.

DANA Insurance and Risk Management offers a variety of risk management services. We will review your professional agreements to determine if the terms are consistent with industry standards. We will make recommendations based on your project parameters that can include expressions such as Additional Insured, Project Specific Excess and Two Years following Substantial Completion.

Our staff has presented and attended many risk management seminars over the past twenty years. Our office maintains a significant resource library on subjects such as Instruments of Service, Right of Entry, Economic Loss and Contract Priority. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns with you. We consider risk management the foundation of a well-constructed insurance program.

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