Professional Liability

Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance for Architects, Engineers and Environmental Consultants

B0000096The professionals that design for the built environment, and those that consult, study and/or report on the natural environment, are most successful when they understand their client’s objectives. While simply stated as “quality work, on time and within budget,” reality is often very different.

Client expectations, contractual requirements, third-party actions and prime vs sub-consultant relationships, can ultimately effect a project’s outcome and how your services are viewed. From developing initial reports through the entire design, schematic and construction phases, the role of architect, engineer and environmental consultant is vulnerable to claims of negligence.

Professional Liability insurance provides both indemnity coverage, to pay damages, and defense expenses; the cost of legal representation in civil matters. Of no less importance when selecting an insurance company, are the services of a knowledgeable and experienced insurance broker. This alliance can add greatly to the value associated with simply a limit of liability and the respective premium.

Most commonly, a “practice policy” insures the firm, and individuals working for the firm, against claims for negligent performance of their services. For select conditions, coverage is also available for specific projects, where “excess” or higher limits of liability are required. These policies are underwritten and rated on the basis of an insurance application. While each insurance company utilizes its own application at some point, the form below is traditional for architects and engineers. If you are an Environmental Service Provider needing E&O, this form may or may not work for your scope of services. If you are looking only for Contractors Pollution Liability (CPL), the second form serves as a guide to a range of insuring conditions. For help or answers to questions, simply call us at 800-821-1990, Monday to Friday, 9-5 east coast time. Or email your inquiry to us at

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